Dangers of the Nentir Vale


Here is the list of the crits that I’ve tracked so far.

Date | Players | DM
==| 20 | 1 | 20 | 1
2/14 | 6 | 0 | 3 | 1
2/25 | 5 | 0 | 1 | 0
3/7 | 3 | 0 | 0 | 1
3/14 | 4 | 2 | 0 | 2
3/21 | 5 | 4 | 2 | 3

Kobold Hall, Part 3

Another quick rest before exploring further into the dank recesses of Kobold Hall, and then our heroes moved into the fourth room. This was the room that the Kobold Wyrmpriest chose to make his lair in, and he cleverly fortified it with a rolling boulder trap, triggered by the kobold that escaped from the Skull-Skull room. Also found in this room was a human monk, named Ryoga, who had been captured by the kobolds during one of their caravan raids. They imprisoned Ryoga in a rickety cage and entertained themselves by poking him with their short spears to make him squeal. When our heroes burst onto the scene, Ryoga took advantage of their distraction and escaped his metal cell and then proceeded to lay the smack down on his former captors.

Screen shot 2013 02 21 at 10.22.26 am

During the course of the combat, Kriv allowed his battle rage to make him careless, and he ran afoul of the rolling bolder, getting squashed underneath it. Fortunately, Carys was on hand to heal his wounds.

Eventually, the Wyrmpriest and his guards were dispatched, and the priest’s bone mask was taken as proof that Kobold Hall had been cleared of it’s diminutive draconian inhabitants. However, while searching the kobolds for any useful goods, the party members discovered a key and a note indicating that a secret door was to be found to the west. They conferred and decided to push on for one final encounter.

Screen shot 2013 02 21 at 10.22.44 am

Waiting for them in the deepest part of Kobold Hall was the true force behind the kobold raids: the young white dragon Szartharrax! Unfortunately for Szartharrax, he didn’t survive long enough to move up to his next age category. Zacorus wisely kept the dragon’s attention on himself long enough for Kriv to take up a flanking position behind the dragon, and between the damage dealt by Kriv and by Ryoga, Szartharrax eventually succumbed to the party’s brutality.

Kobold Hall, Part 2

After a few moments to catch their breath, Thistledown suggested that the light situation, which is to say, having Carys as the sole light-bearer, was untenable. She brought out a few lengths of rope and macrame’d some sunrod holders for herself, Zacorus and Kriv.

This allowed the party to get a good look at the next room as they pressed farther into Kobold Hall.

Screen shot 2013 02 02 at 7.43.34 am

Four sarcophagi in the middle of the room, ominously empty niches along each wall, two suits of armor, and three kobolds hanging out in the back, guarding an altar to Tiamat. The kobolds knew what the party didn’t — the suits of armor where trapped with dart-launchers, and they managed to lure both Kriv and Carys across two trigger plates before Zacorus caught up with the first skirmisher near the altar and splattered his brains across the back wall. Then, Kriv and Zacorus pinned the remaining two kobolds near one suit of armor while Thistledown worked frantically at disassembling the trap on the other suit, and together they sent the kobolds to wherever kobolds go after they die.

Screen shot 2013 02 02 at 7.45.57 am

Kriv used the altar to send a quick prayer to his patron goddess, and Zac found his curiosity piqued by a silk offering bag. He opened the bag to find a decent amount of mixed coinage inside. Kriv, feeling that perhaps stealing from Tiamat was not the wisest move Zac could make, “helpfully” suggested that Zac should make a tithe to Tiamat, through her living emissary (which is to say, Zac should split the money with Kriv). With Carys and Thistledown looking on with amusement, Zacorus decided that the money was best split equally amongst the party, and the group pressed on.

Screen shot 2013 02 02 at 7.52.37 am

The third room seemed truly bizarre to our plucky heroes, what with the carved skull tied to a rope in the ceiling, the raised platforms overlooking more coffins and another goop-filled trench in the floor. They’ll never know the true purpose of the skull, however, because a well-timed eruption of Tiamat’s Flame, channeled through Kriv, fried the first skull-holder before he had a chance to demonstrate the many uses of a carved skull. Zacorus attempted to bash through the double doors at the back of the room with one well-muscled shoulder, but his footing slipped at the last second and he bounced harmlessly off the stout wood. Thistledown took pity on her earth-bound human compatriot, and used her fey magic to give him a few seconds of flying so he could reach the top of the far platform.

Carys, meanwhile, non-chalantly walked up to the doors and opened them, demonstrating once again that elven wisdom is superior to human brashness. The party had a decent fight on their hands, facing down six kobolds and two guard drakes, but they managed to handily prevail. Yet more kobold treasure was discovered, and without any prompting from Kriv, Zacorus again made an equitable split among the four party members. Here the group paused and took a short rest to recover from the fight before pressing even further into the dank recesses of Kobold Hall.

Screen shot 2013 02 02 at 8.15.18 am

Kobold Hall, Part 1
Glue Shot sucks.

The newly-incorporated-but-as-yet-unnamed adventuring party consisting of Kriv, Zacorus, and Carys was approached by the Lord Warden of Fallcrest and asked if they would be interested in fulfilling a bounty. The Lord Warden had grown increasingly frustrated with the frequent kobold raids along the old King’s Road, because it interrupted trade to the town. He offered a bounty of 10gp for each dispatched kobold, per party member, and an additional 100gp bonus if the party would bring him proof that the ruins of Kobold Hall had been fully cleared of kobolds. This proof could take many forums, but he suggested the bone mask known to be worn by the kobold leader.

When the party agreed that some cash in their pockets could be amenable to them, he also assigned to accompany them a visiting Fey bard known as Thistledown. The four compatriots set off toward the ruined manor house located some 15 miles from Fallcrest. Arriving at the ruins, they discovered a trapdoor located in the floor of a long-abandoned guard tower, and descended the steps into a pitch-black kobold warren. Carys was elected torch bearer, and when they reached the bottom of the stairs, they discovered a room with a long trench filled with a glowing green substance of some unknown nature. On the far side of the trench was a small, reptilian humanoid standing at the entrance to a shadowy alcove, as surprised to see them as they were to see him. The kobold quickly loaded a sling pebble into his sling while shouting, “Intrudersss! Intrudersss!!!”

Koboldhall1 1

The melee that followed was fast but frustrating for the two melee characters of the party. The kobold was joined by four other of his reptilian brothers, and they came well armed with specially prepared sticky Glue Shot bullets, which they used to good effect on Zacorus and Kriv, rendering them immobilized and literally glued to the floor. Unfortunately for the kobolds, their martial training was not up to snuff, and their spears were wholly incapably of slipping past the party’s excellent defenses. The adventuring group managed to kill four kobolds, while a fifth one decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and fled the battle direly wounded, but still alive.

Koboldhall1 2

Thistledown fluttered off down the hallway to scout ahead, but the darkness of the warren prevented her from discovering any useful intelligence. She returned to the party, and they paused in the blackness to consider their actions before pressing forward.


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