Dangers of the Nentir Vale

Kobold Hall, Part 3

Another quick rest before exploring further into the dank recesses of Kobold Hall, and then our heroes moved into the fourth room. This was the room that the Kobold Wyrmpriest chose to make his lair in, and he cleverly fortified it with a rolling boulder trap, triggered by the kobold that escaped from the Skull-Skull room. Also found in this room was a human monk, named Ryoga, who had been captured by the kobolds during one of their caravan raids. They imprisoned Ryoga in a rickety cage and entertained themselves by poking him with their short spears to make him squeal. When our heroes burst onto the scene, Ryoga took advantage of their distraction and escaped his metal cell and then proceeded to lay the smack down on his former captors.

Screen shot 2013 02 21 at 10.22.26 am

During the course of the combat, Kriv allowed his battle rage to make him careless, and he ran afoul of the rolling bolder, getting squashed underneath it. Fortunately, Carys was on hand to heal his wounds.

Eventually, the Wyrmpriest and his guards were dispatched, and the priest’s bone mask was taken as proof that Kobold Hall had been cleared of it’s diminutive draconian inhabitants. However, while searching the kobolds for any useful goods, the party members discovered a key and a note indicating that a secret door was to be found to the west. They conferred and decided to push on for one final encounter.

Screen shot 2013 02 21 at 10.22.44 am

Waiting for them in the deepest part of Kobold Hall was the true force behind the kobold raids: the young white dragon Szartharrax! Unfortunately for Szartharrax, he didn’t survive long enough to move up to his next age category. Zacorus wisely kept the dragon’s attention on himself long enough for Kriv to take up a flanking position behind the dragon, and between the damage dealt by Kriv and by Ryoga, Szartharrax eventually succumbed to the party’s brutality.



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