Wood elf, devoted cleric


HP 31 Spd 7 Init +2


10 Str 0

14 Con 2

14 Dex 2

13 Int 1

18 Wis 4

11 Cha 0

AC 15 Fort 12 Ref 12 Will 16

Weapon – longbow


Growing up in the woods, Carys learned devout respect for the trees, rocks, water and all living creatures of the woods. For her they have a soul and are not to be harmed. Her mother was also a cleric and Carys learned much of what she knows from her but is very eager to prove herself in the eyes of her companions as more than just the daughter of a great healer. She is a young elf and has not yet been in love. Her goal is to see the world and develop her power as a healer along the way. As a cleric with much respect for all living things it is not in her nature to hate. She is likely to put the needs of others before her own, stopping to rest or heal herself only when absolutely necessary.

She feels that power in the hands of mortals will ultimately corrupt, so sometimes it is best to do what is right rather than go by the law. This is a view of the world she was taught growing up, and has not deviated from that. When in dire straits, Carys is full of adrenaline and ready to take on a challenge, immersing herself in her duty to help others. It is not until the party is out of danger that she realizes she also was in danger. When faced with setbacks she will be the one encouraging everyone to move forward. She appears to be calm, but will need time alone to regroup in order to be the great support to others she strives to be.

Since leaving the woods she has not had contact with her family. Her mother, father and younger sister miss her, and she plans to return to the woods at some point to visit. For now she is eager to be learning, improving her skills for the greater good and giving her life divine purpose.


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