The civilized world has been reduced to a series of points of light in a great wilderness of danger and monsters. The mighty empire of Nerath fell long ago, and the Bloodspear War devastated the Nentir Vale and surrounding lands. Into this outpost of civilization you are one of a handful of brave women and men who stand against the encroaching night. The world depends on you, and your bravery, to stem the tide of dangers that still threaten the small pockets of civilization.

Some Useful Things

Character Creation: what you need to know to create a character.

Maptools: how to play when your players are spread over half the country

Quick Start Rules — What is 4E all about, anyway?

A Funny Things Happened on the Way to the Shadowfell …

The fine crew at Penny Arcade team up with Wil Wheaton and DM Chris Perkins and mass hilarity ensues. If you’ve never played D&D before, this is a great introduction to what a game is all about.

Dangers of the Nentir Vale

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